Sir Leif Eric Hermansson, the master of Martial Arts (Soke)

- His direct ancestors 11 generations back in time to 1606 was Harald Eriksson Footangel, that the Swedish King ennobled 1651 in Finland (that belongs to Sweden in that time). The noble family reg number 229
- Sensei Hermansson started his training of Martial Arts with judo & jujitsu 1963 and karate 1969 in Turku, Finland there he was born.
- Became karate instructor (Wadoryu) 1970 and also teach Finish police department and military (special unit) in close combat when he worked as a military officer (sergeant) in Finnish army 1973-1975.
- 1974-1975 member of the board in Finnish Karate Federation. He also started 3 dojos in South-West part of Finland 1974-1976.
- Founder of Dojos in Finland: Säkylä, 1974 (Porin Brigade military base) , Salo, 1975 (Salon Viesti Samurai), Turku, 1976 become the founder, president and instructor of Shaolin
- School of Martial Arts in Turku, Finland. This Dojo still runs at the students of soke Hermansson.
- 1977 become a student in Yuishinkai karatejutsu and Ryukyu kobujutsu of thelegendary Motokatsu (Gansho) Inoue, 10 dan hanshi, as one of the 5 students outside of Japan who has trained and lived together with Inoue sensei in Japan a longer time, up until the time of his death in 1993
- Moved 1978 to Sweden there he found many Dojos like: in Katrineholm, 1979 (Budoclub Keiko), Örebro, 1981 (Daikuma), Nyköping (Katana), Flen (Sakura), Eskilstuna (Yuishinkai karateclub), Falköping, Kumla (Tekko), Stockholm (Sento), Täby (Combat Academy), Vaxholm (Budoclub), Vallentuna (Ninbukan) 2007 and Åkersberga 2008 (Kaizenkan).
Combat Academy runs since 2007 by his sons Jesse and Oliver Enkamp in Täby, North of Stockholm (
- 1979 started his training also in iaido in Stockholm (Budokwai) and 2 years later become a student of Komaki –sensei in iaido-
- In 1981 started teaching Martial Arts for the disabled people as the very first instructor in Sweden to do this.
-Elected to the president in the Budo Federation for the middle part of Sweden (Sörmland) 1980-1983, member of the board of Swedish Budo Confederation and president and board member of Swedish Kendoconfederation
- 1984 The Swedish Budo & Martial Arts Confederation granted him the highest reward for his work developing martial arts especially karate
- 2 of his children and best students ever, become also a fulltime instructors in Martial Arts; Jesse Enkamp (the karate nerd) in karate & kobudo and Oliver Enkamp a professional MMA fighter under the UFC and later under Bellator
- 1990 started his training also in jodo in Stockholm and become the student of Ishido –sensei, 8 dan hanshi in jodo and iaido
- Training Brazilian jiujitsu in June and July 1996 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the world champion Alexandre Paiva (Alliance).
- After that his mentor and sensei Inoue hanshi died 1993, sensei Hermansson went to Okinawa for training with some other masters like hanshi Akamine (Shorinryu Mukenkai karate and Ryukyu kobudo), hanshi Hokama (Okinawa Gojuryu karate and Matayoshi kobudo) and hanshi Nakamoto (Shorinryu karate and Ryukyu kobudo).
- Sensei Hermansson taught Martial Arts in many countries: Japan, South-Africa, UK, French, Holland, Austria, Switch, Belgian, Germany, Russia, Italy, Finland, Norwegian, USA, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Poland, Portugal, India, Ireland, Ukraine and Latvia.
- 2003 he taught the Swedish national bodyguard team to become the world champion in bodyguarding.
- Awards to Hall of Fame 2000 for Lifetime Achievement of International Ryukyu Karate Research Society
- Swedish and European Champion in Iaido 1995-2004 and member of the national team as well as the team manager
- The ENSSEE-4 -level examination in “Sports Management & Coaching of the Elite” by Swedish Sports Confederation and Swedish Olympic Committee in Bosön Sports College, rests with Sisu in Stockholm 2005
- Head referee at World Championships in Kobudo 2004 in Austria by WKF
- Referee at World Championships in karate kata and kumite 2005 and 2006 in Italy by WTKA
- Head referee at World Championships in kobudo and iaido 2005 and 2006 in Italy by WTKA
- 2005 sensei Hermansson gets his Soke –titel from Jiujitsu International signed by soke Yasumoto, 10 dan (Japan) and soke Morris, 10 dan (UK) etc.
- Nominated to “The Instructor of The Year” by Swedish Budo- & Martial Arts Confederation in March 2007.
- Awarded to “Hall of Fame 2007 for Golden Life Achievement” by WTKA – World Traditional Karate Association in Italy.
- International Martial Arts Pioneer Life Award Hall Of Fame by IMAHOF registered under the Government of India 2020
- In July 2007 he made his 31st trip to Japan and Okinawa, this time for 3 weeks training together with 8 of his students from Sweden. During his visit in Okinawa, Tetsuhiro Hokama, 10 dan hanshi, get soke Hermansson a certificate to start his own style of karate sensei Hokama named to Shunahaku karatejutsu.
- Soke Hermansson also get his 10th dan diploma in both karate and kobudo 28 of July 2007 by Jiujitsu International
- In July 2012 hanshi Hokama the president of IKO – International Karate Organisation in Okinawa promoted soke Hermansson to 10 dan in both karate and kobudo as the very first non-Japanese people ever outside of Japan to get this high grade from an Okinawa based organisation and sensei!
- 24 June 2012 the WTKA – World Traditional Karate Association promoted soke Hermansson to 10 dan in karate and also the WRBBOF promoted him to 10 dan the same year and his diploma is signed by 7 masters with 10th dan, all from Okinawa!
- 2022 during soke Hermanssons 53rd visit and training in Okinawa, soke Hamamoto Hisao promoted him to Okuden Shihan in Mugairyu iaido as well as Hachimanryu battojutsu, that is the highest grade Hamamoto sensei ever get to a student.
The Educations and Activities:
* Degrees in Risk Management (Security director diploma), Paramedic, Marketing & advertising
* By Swedish Government authorized professional bodyguard and instructor in Close Protection (C.Q.B)
* Master of Sports Management & coaching of the elite
* President of Academia Praetoriae Mundi (APM) – The International Security Academy for bodyguards
* Operative chief of Kaizenkai – International Martial Arts and Security Academy in Sweden
* Chief instructor of Sweden for APM (Academia Praetoriae Mundi), the International Bodyguard Academy
* Swedish national director of International Ryukyu Karate Research Society
* Diplomas from the T.E.E.S. (Tactical Explosive Entry School) to Explosive Breacher (Explosive Handlers Course and Explosive Entry & Tactics Courses) in June/July 2001 in Tennessee, USA
* President of WTMAS (World Traditional Martial Arts Society)
* Head master of Kaizenkan Bujutsu Academy in Åkersberga, north of Stockholm, Sweden
* Lifetime member of Jiujitsu International, IRKRS (International Ryukyu Karate Research Society), WRBBOF (World Registry of Black Belts, Martial Arts Organisations, Federations and Associations), World Budokai Sonkei Federation, TOKAMAF, UMAA and RYUKODO
* Member of Swedish Budo- & Martial Arts Confederation, Swedish Karate Confederation, Swedish Kendo Confederation and WTKA – World Traditional Karate Association
* Member of the Board of WRBBOF – World Registry of Black Belts, Martial Arts Organisations, Federations and Associations
* Member of the Board of World Budokai Sonkei Federation and TOKAMAF
* International director of TOKAMAF – Traditional Okinawa Kobujutsu Association and Martial Arts Federation
* Founding member of Wjj (World Jiujitsu) Confederation, recognized by Tafisa (IOC)
* Knight of Malta by Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem – Knights of Malta - Federation of Autonomous Priories
The Ranks & Titles:
* Sir Leif Hermansson, the knight of Malta (2020)
* Meijin in Karate and Okinawa Kobujutsu (2023)
* Soke in Karate and Okinawa Kobudo (2005)
* 10 dan hanshi, karate (JJI, WKF, IKO Okinawa 2014)
* 10 dan hanshi, Okinawa Kobujutsu (JJI, WKF, IKO Okinawa 2014)
* 10 dan jujitsu
* Okuden Shihan in Mugairyu iaido & Hachimanryu battojutsu (2022)
* 8 dan bujitsu (WKF)
* 6 dan shihan, Koryu Uchinadi (IRKRS, 2000)
* 5 dan, Yuishinkai karatejutsu (Inoue Karate dojo, Japan 1993)
* 5 dan, Ryukyu Kobujutsu, (RKHSK, Japan 1993)
* 5 dan Iaido (EKF & ZNKR. Paris 2002)
* 2 dan Judo (NJF, 2013)
* 2 dan Jodo (EKF)
* 1 dan Kickboxing (Täby 1998) 


Soke Hermansson is a high qualificated master of Martial Arts with students in 8 countries and teach all over the world Traditional Okinawa Martial arts like karatejutsu, kobujutsu and battojitsu with iaido and also self defence. Please, don’t hesitate to take contact with us to plan one of your best seminars ever!
With his sword teacher grandmaster Hamamoto Hisao on Okinawa (b 1936)

With his karate and kobudo sensei Inoue Motokatsu (1918-1993) in Japan 1979

Dobbed to the Knight of Malta 2020
Dobbed to the Knight of Malta 2020With
Tegether with H.M.E.H. Prince Jose Manuel Costa Leca da Veiga Cosmelli and Princess Isabell 

With his jiujitsu sensei, soke Richard Morris, 10 dan, UK (1936-2019)
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